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Dr. Ignacio Sanza

Plastic, cosmetic and restorative surgeon

Treatments Clinica Sanza

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Scalp Lift
Micro hair transplantations
Forehead lift ( endoscopic)
Eyebrow lift with minilifts
Repositioning of eyebrows with mini-Grafts
Blefharoplasty-eyedli bags
Blefharoplasty-exces skin
Eye and eyelid lift; slanted eyes
Cheek implants and lipo-lifting
Lip augmentation
Labial reconstruction
Correction of asymmetry
Lip reduction, extraccion of silicona and other substances
Chin and jaw
Chin dimple
Lipo-filling of jaw or chin
Reconstruction of chin and jaw- profiloplasty
Chin augmentation with tempory or permanent materials
Chin and jaw augmentation with implant
Surgery for prominents ears
Torn and ageing ear lobes
Ear malformation
Ears reconstruction
Breast enlargement with implants
Breast lift
Breast reconstruction
Breast reduction
Pectoral lipolaser
Pectorals malformations – pectus excavatum
Pectorals implants
Pectoral reconstruction
Abdomen and back
Lipolaser of the abdomen and stomach
Liposuction of back and stomach
Reconstruction of the navel
Prótesis de hombros
Arm liposuction
Arm lift or Brachioplasty
Biceps implants
Triceps implants
Buttock liposuction
Buttock lift
Gluteal tensor threads
Gluteal cellulitis
Buttock augmentation with implants
Gluteal lipolaser
Liposuction of the legs
Leg lipolaser
Calf implants
Female genital
Reconstruction of labia minora
Liposuction of prominent pubis
Lipoláser de pubis
Hymenoplasty or restoration of the himen
Augmentation of labia majora
Genitals man
Augmentation of penile width
Lengthening of the penis
Reducción de exceso de piel del escroto
Testicular implants
Male lipolaser
Phimosis and aesthetics of the penis
Without surgery
Bioplasty - Fillings
Bioplasty with Aquamid
Bioplasty with Radiesse (Calcium Hydroxyapatite)
Bioplasty hyaluronic acid
Bioplasty and lipofilling
Maskpeel (Lifting sin cirugía)
Botox (Azzalure or Vistabel)
Growth Factors
Varices treatment with microfoam
Cavitation protocol and diet (RADIOFREQUENCY)
Bioplasty with Macrolane
ALIDYA, Innovative treatment for prevention and treatment of cellulite
Aqualix fat reduction without surgery
Laser platform
Eliminates the unwanted body hair Laser Technology
Laser skin tightening
Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing
Laser Facelift
Stain removal and vascular lesions
Dietetic unit
Diet and nutrition

Breast surgery

Breast Surgery Unit of Clinical Sanza is a response to the need for a comprehensive approach to the various pathologies that affect the breastMore Information…

Aesthetic Men

Certainly we are a reference center in Aesthetic Men. Getting results in harmony with each person. The elegance and naturalness us apart. More Inforamtion…

Diet and nutrition

Clinical Sanza teach the latest patterns and trends to follow good nutrition, healthier for the individual patient, sometimes what one does well IRLE can not so well to another. More Information…

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Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery